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Connecting Inner Beauty with Outer Radiance

At Dermalbody Wellness Spa, we believe that true beauty is an art, and your body and skin serve as the canvas. At Dermalbody, we provide the canvas – a healthy, revitalized foundation ready for your chosen artistry. Our treatments not only enhance your external radiance but also nourish the inner vitality that radiates true beauty. Our sanctuary is dedicated to igniting the essence of rejuvenation, guiding you on a transformative journey towards a radiant, revitalized self. From advanced skincare treatments tailored to address individual concerns to holistic wellness therapies aimed at restoring balance, our expert team is committed to crafting bespoke experiences that nurture your well-being from within.

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Our Specialized Services

Alzheimer's Treatment

Advanced care strategies to enhance cognitive function and quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients.

Botox Injections

Smooth out wrinkles and restore your youthful appearance with precision Botox treatments.

Lip Filler Enhancements

Achieve fuller, more luscious lips safely with our expertly administered lip fillers.


Embrace radiant skin with our holistic approaches that blend modern techniques with natural therapies.

IV Therapy

Revitalize your body with our professional IV therapy service, tailored for optimal wellness and rejuvenation.

Lash Extensions

Elevate your look with precision lashes and flawless brows, for eyes that captivate at every glance.

Dr. Peter Miller

Dr. Miller’s main focus is hemapheresis and transfusion support in clinical medicine, esoteric lab testing, and informatics. His studies in stem cell therapies including collection and directed stem cell expansion are held in high regard amongst clinical professionals. We are very excited to welcome him to the Dermal Body Family.

Dr. Peter Miller, MD

Dr. Miller specializes in disorders of the Immune system and Transfusion Medicine. He received his medical degree from Sackler TAU school of medicine and went on to complete formal training at The George Washington University Hospital in Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Following this he completed a Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine at Johns Hopkins. Prior to these years he also completed a rotating Internship year as well as brief training in Radiology and neurological surgery.
Dr. Miller has more than 13 peer reviewed academic journal publications and abstracts. He has a patent pending medical device for neurosurgery in development with the Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery Department.
He was previously founder and CEO of Innovative Transfusion Medicine a Miami based nonprofit blood center. He went on to found Miller BioConnect as well as Clinical Research Technologies Inc. and has served as medical director for several other companies including mobile apheresis as well as Octapharma.

Hear from Our Happy Clients:

“Dr. Peter Miller’s approach to Alzheimer’s treatment has been a beacon of hope for our family. His personalized care at Dermal Body Wellness has greatly improved my mother’s quality of life.” – Emily R.
“The staff at Dermal Body Wellness and Dr. Miller’s dedication have made a significant difference. We noticed positive changes in cognitive function that we never thought possible.” – Jonathan P.
“Finding Dr. Miller was a turning point for us. His Alzheimer treatment methods are both innovative and compassionate. Highly recommend!” – Linda S.
“The Alzheimer’s treatment plan created by Dr. Miller at Dermal Body Wellness has been tailored specifically for my father, and we are grateful for the noticeable improvements.” – Mark T.

Join us on the Journey

Whether you are seeking a rejuvenating facial, personalized skincare, or holistic wellness solutions, Dermal Body Wellness Spa invites you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let us be your partners in unlocking the potential of your inner beauty, creating a canvas that reflects the masterpiece you are. Welcome to Dermal Body, where your path to beauty and wellness begins.

Holistic Wellness

We go beyond surface beauty, addressing the root causes of skin concerns and overall well-being. Our holistic approach considers factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional well-being.

Caring and Passionate Team

Our team is not only highly skilled but also deeply compassionate. We understand that the journey to beauty and wellness is personal, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Experienced Practitioners

Our team comprises skilled aesthetic practitioners who bring years of experience to the table. From rejuvenating facials to advanced skincare treatments, we ensure that
you receive the highest quality of care.

Ethical and Affordable Treatments

We prioritize ethical practices and affordability. Our personalized treatments are designed to meet your unique needs while adhering to the highest standards of ethical and compliant care.